Monday, August 03, 2015

Jelly Roll Production

I took Bella to the vet's on Friday to get her wound rebound and my sis and Chai accompanied me. After 45 minutes I walked out, mentioning that I had a house full of guests and I did, after all have an appointment. Well, I just screwed myself because I had to call and make another appointment and just got back from that. I was ushered in immediately and was showered with apology's. I have been going there for 28 years and never had to wait like that. Bella now has a glowing report of no infection, beautiful healing and a beautiful mom; oh, no, that just slipped out. She get's her stitches out in a week.

 We gals had a wonderful weekend. Do you remember in a blog in June that we all bought a deal of the day from Missouri Quilt Company?


Well, this is it and it is from Kaufman Fabrics.  This past weekend was when we were to make out quilt tops.  Everyone picked their own jelly roll pattern and the accompanying contrasting fabric.

This what Jean Ann came up with.  Her accent fabric was

white on white.  If some of the edges of these quilt tops look weird, it's because they were all photographed on a quilt that I had up on the design wall so sometimes a bit of that quilt is showing.  For that, I apologize.


Here is Anne's quilt, which I find pretty amazing considering she has a middle finger on one hand that  was just operated on and is bent and pretty much unusable, and she just got through marrying off her last unmarried child last week.

Clearly she chose black as her 'other fabric'.

I chose by 'other fabric' poorly, not having a lot of practice with jelly rolls.  Because the roll read solid to me I chose a multicolored fabric.  The first row I completed looked great on the wall but

After all the rows were done it read TOO BUSY to me.  Oh well. it will probably be the quilt that you get!

Peggy also chose black for her companion fabric.

It turned out great but was a handful to sew as was Mike's,

that had lots and lots of sewing too.  It was worth it in the end because it

turned out fantastic.  And to think that half of these quilts used the same fabric.  Every one had a different drummer, right?

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Robbie said...

I'm so impressed you ladies do all this! I'm lucky I can come up with a beading project or small art quilt for our traveling exhibit! Nicely done, ladies!