Wednesday, August 19, 2015


I know that the background (wall color) look different in these two pictures but they are indeed in the same room. One (the second pic) just happens to be closer to the window. This is the new art form that I put over the room on the lower level that has two twin beds that we call the hotel room but mostly it is my daughter and her husbands room with connecting bath.

I saw these 'hangers' at Ikea when I got my closet stuff in Florida and I thought they would
make a cool way to show photos without all the frames and nails.  They can be changed out

whenever the need to stand unevenly on a bed to place them takes over the fact that
I am an old, unstable woman and therefore these photos will stay until I am probably
dead and buried (or cremated; better yet).  Anyway, the pictures are laminated by an amazing
machine made by Fellowes which just happens to be where my sister works.  Fancy that.


Mike said...

Wow...I really like that. I think I may steal your idea for above my bed. What a great idea.

Gayle from MI said...

Thanks for redecorating for me. Can't wait to see it on Friday!