Saturday, August 15, 2015

Picture This

We are now three and a half hours into day number two of the longest day ever. The gals have been on a walk on the beach, a picnic breakfast on a quilt in the yard and lots of play. Soon it will be time to hit the beach. My girlfriend Anne just sent me this picture of a t shirt.


She captioned it with 'I need this", and I agree. Aunt Maggie and Uncle Evan are here to help out with the kids. We have a wedding in Illinois later on today so extra hands help a lot.


We had some wind damage in the front garden and a tree limb, a big one, fell onto

this yard art and split the two halves wider than they normally are.  We can't get the tree

limb taken care of until Monday and I hope the pressure of the limb on the steel will not get any worse. It must have been some storm last night!

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Robbie said...

Yikes! We didn't get much rain but lots of lightening and WIND too! Scary!