Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Post Product

My computer will not close iPhoto or take any more pictures so I am stuck at what I have already downloaded.  The girls did work on other stuff besides our jelly roll top.  Jean Ann and Peggy


are jointly working on a tree skirt for the wedding gift for Anne's daughter who got married last Saturday.  They are splitting the blocks and finished most of them but ran out of white so the rest needs to be done at home in time for the holidays.  I am confident that they can make that deadline!  Ignore the teal and black and white peeking around the log cabin blocks.

Anne, the mother of the bride cut out 50 multi faceted blocks which took tons of time and then she sewed one group before heading home.  I neglected to photograph that.

Mike had most of these blocks sewn from the last time she was here but finished up the final blocks and sewed them all together.


She said it was a very fun quilt to make.  It is all batiks.

I did some bindings for charity quilts and put a quilt on the long arm which I have since quilted but as I said, the camera and iPhoto are not playing well together today

We did a  lot of eating too.  The girls brought so much stuff that we felt it was only right that we make a stab at eating it all.  We came mighty close.  I barely lifted a finger.  It was fun.

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