Sunday, August 30, 2015

Productive Weekend

I have a baby shower the is taking place two weeks after I have landed in Florida so I decided


to make a gift and box it up and give it to the new mothers mother to take to the shower.  Being ever so popular, I decided on barnyard animals because there is no hint of the sex of the baby so generic is the way to go.


It went with out a hitch.  It is completely done, binding and all.

The center of attention is the pig in the middle.  Molly and I have a thing for pigs!!!


My sister Mike started piecing this last weekend when she spent a day with my internet quilting friends.
She not only finished the piecing this weekend but also quilted it.  All that is left of the work is the binding!  Job well done!

 And last but not least, the first clean plate meal I have made in my life. I always

 cook too much food but last night the stars were lined up to make roasted fingerlings with horseradish dressing, roasted asparagus and marinated flank steak the perfect dinner. Dinner for seven worked out perfectly!


Cedar Ridge Studio said...

Love Mike's quilt it turned out great.

Gayle from MI said...

You guys did so good! Wish my stuff was done. The scrap with quilts is ready to layer and quilt but have not been able to get to the other one. Love the baby quilt! It turned out great. Tell Mike I really like the colors in hers. Great job!

Gayle from MI said...

Should say scrap quilt with squares. Sheesh!