Monday, August 24, 2015

Show And Tell

The girls were encouraged to bring some show and tell. I did some showing but it was mostly secret stuff so I can't share at this time. Irene brought partial quilts that she worked on blocks before and you will see those tomorrow with the show of the things the gals did while visiting. Mary Ann brought a book of work. Gayle and Robbie actually followed directions. Here goes.

Gayle is modeling a window pane type of quilt construction.  Love the colors.


This quilt of her's shows lots of techniques such as adding curved skinny lines.  She was kind enough to show us the way to do it.

She's been messing with all sorts of staining, stamping, blocking and making her own fabric with paints and dyes.

She brought many many designs she has created and told us how she achieved them.

This is a work in progress.

Robbie brought in all sorts of stuff.  This one

is based on some Dr. Suess character but I forget the name.

Here's a close up of the green beaded character.

The beautiful stained glass bird was started two years ago when we got together in October of 2013.  It's all finished except for about a half inch of quilting that was overlooked in the bottom right feather.

These are her newest works.  The top blue horse is being made the exact opposite as the one
underneath.  The shape of the horse was taken out of the gold horse quilt and so as to not waste the
work, Robbie decided to make two

quilts.  The bottom one is compete, with lots of graphic hand work.  The top horse quilt is in the middle stages, with decisions as of how to quilt it discussed throughout the weekend.

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