Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Something New

I have had this


 pattern on my window for a couple days before I had the weekend company.


 I even had all the pattern pieces cut out (mirror image) and labeled.

On Monday I chose the basic


color way and then

yesterday, I started filling in on the pattern and grabbing other fabrics to audition into the
quilt.  My hope is to finish up the applipiecing before the weekend because that will be all
the thinking I need to do that I can't have others around while I do it.  My sister Mike will be here
and my daughter and her hubby with another  couple but they don't come for me, they want
the lake, so I will definitely have time to start on the quilting.  I have some goals in my head
to be done before I go south and so far, I am on point with that.  One more art quilt left after this, and my list will be complete!!!!   Yeah!


Robbie said...

Cool Tommy like!

Gayle from MI said...

I liked tge looks of thatvwhe8n it was on the window!