Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Accomplishments

This is the unveiling of the work done in my studio this past weekend.


Irene continued to make blocks for this quilted that she had started before.

Irene also made a bunch of paper pieced blocks to add to the two blocks she did before she came.

Up next is Gayle.

She put together this block made up with a five inch center and surrounded with smaller rectangles.  I would make a great block for a signature quilt, wouldn't it?  She also made a bunch of half square triangles for an exchange.  Last but not least for Gayle is this


nine patch.  The blocks aren't sewn together yet but she constructed all the blocks while being here.

This was just a vision in Robbie's mind when she arrived at my house.  She made all of these hand sewn paper backed ONE INCH hexagons while she was here.  The one in white (the paper backing) is just to show you what the thing looks like before sewing.

Mike cut this whole quilt top and sewed lots of blocks together and will continue to work on it this weekend.

Mary Ann did some hand stab quilting but she couldn't stay long so I neglected to get a picture.

I, well, I gabbed a lot.  I cut out and sewed together one of two dresses but couldn't finish because I needed zippers.  I put binding on 11 baby quilts and finished binding a queen sized wedding quilt.  I have lots of ideas of things to check out and try and got to know my internet gals all the better.

It  was a grand get together.

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Robbie said...

A grand weekend it was! hoping to stitch some more hex pieces tonight! Love what the ladies each accomplished this week! You can see Mary's hand work on my blog later this week. It was a beautiful snow dyed piece she is stitching on. Thanks again!