Sunday, August 09, 2015

The Test

After getting some feedback about the merits of the great price for 108" backing fabric from Marshall Dry Goods, for less than 9 bucks a yard, I decided to give it a look see


and instead of going crazy and buying tons of yardage, I had my sister order me three yards of a dark green fabric. She did that and here it is. Since it was delivered, I have washed and dried it. I measured it before and after washing and drying. The length (3 yards) was spot on, exactly what it was when I got it out of the mailing container. The width however, was an inch smaller, measuring in at 107". I don't know about you, but I can clearly live with that. The thread count is fine and not flimsy at all. I know what I am doing when I finish my coffee. ORDER!


Irene said...

Great on the wide fabric. I will definitely try them next time.

And great on the car doors. I did almost the same thing, sans dog. At a friends garage sale loading some shelves. Lefft keys in the car because I was only 1 foot away. Closed door and they all locked, had to call hubby to come open the van doors. He thought it was funny, I did not!

Mechelle said...

I have found out they have a wholesale side too ( if you want to do a bulk order, bundle or a bolt I guess its even cheaper!! I have not tried but it might be worth a call! I tried the tonal medallion print and the scroll- both were well worth the price, true colors and both shrank a couple of inches in width. Mechelle