Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Wandering Gals

Regina and I took off first thing in the morning yesterday (hence, no blog) to do a little Thelma and Louise. We left our sleepy little town and hit several dozen other sleepy little towns on the way to lunch in St. Joe, Michigan. Regina is a perfect co pilot because she is very handy with her smart phone and can look up all sorts of things with a minutes notice. We had clear passage because of her.


And here we are.  We both got the memo about horizontal stripes.

Speaking of co piloting, here is the perfect fork (although I used a spoon at this stage of my precious children's upbringing)  to use for the playing airplane to get them to open their mouth.  I got one and used it on Regina during lunch.  Worked well too.

Don't ya just love this darling and completely put together community mailbox?  It looks like it should either be in Stepford or on Edward Scissorhands neighborhood.

My almost yearly sojourn to Bridgman, MI. to visit the only Ben Franklin that I know of anymore, and alas,

we were a month too late.  Sadly, it's closed, along with half the other things in the town.

There was a second hand store across the street that had all these little hand knitted or crocheted pockets filled with sedum.  Very cute.

We are going to a big box store this morning to stock up for the next months company.  Another two girl selfie is in order.

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