Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A New Kid On The Block

G has joined us for the fall now. Bella is over the moon. We now have to break it to her that we will be going to the Athletic Club in a few minutes. We took her out to dinner at a nice little italian place and she was a happy camper. G has a day of things to do that I can't or won't tackle. He loves being the MAN around the house. We have a smoke alarm that has been going off with little bleeps for a couple weeks. They are tied into our security system so you just can't hop on a ladder (like I'd do that; not!) and change a battery. You need to call the alarm company and they have to do it. It's always something!

The donation quilt is coming along. I decided to frame all the blocks (30 in all)


with brown to show them off better.  As you can tell, I am not done at all.  There will also be horizontal brown rows too and I have added some more blocks, because I have enough cut out to do that.  The top will be today and tomorrow's work.

Jayne and Rich, friends from college, are arriving tomorrow for short visit, meaning counting the flying in and flying out days, they will be here for five days, but really it's just a little more than three days.  We will definitely fill them up tho.  Can't wait!

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