Saturday, September 12, 2015

A Very Important Day

Bella and I are here in Florida safe and sound. I actually arrived on Thursday but had to refrigerate stuff and get a handle on these little fly type of flying insects that had invaded my kitchen towel drawer. I have spent the next day (yesterday) killing them off one by one.

I also had the daunting job of unpacking the car. Most of the stuff was studio stuff and the garage is as far as you can get to the second floor studio. The car is now empty and the studio is a mess!

I was a grownup girl yesterday when I took care of the lack of internet instead of whining to G. When I got it all cleared up (it took the whole morning) I called G and explained my accomplishments. He was a proud husband. He is currently fishing various dams in Wisconsin with his brother John and his cousins. They have been catching lots but they are too little to keep. They just like the process.

It is very hot here so I am going to have to start getting up a couple hours early to get in some exercise for Bella and myself. That won't happen for a day or two.

In other parts of the world, a young lady, Violet Jane, went to her first day of school.


She decided to give her sister, Charlotte, a neck lock before leaving her for the school entrance.  School is both good for V (socializing and learning) and for C, who can finally play with a toy without
it getting ripped out of her hand.  Ah, it brings back fond memories of me and my four sisters.  I keep telling Charlotte that she needs to keep eating her Wheaties, but she prefers gold fish crackers.  She'll learn; we all do.


SpikeMuffin said...

Good one Tommy.

Robbie said...

Glad you're in safe and sound!!!! Perfect dog weather here in Michigan for me! In the 50s! Although, it rained while at my grand son's football game...enjoy your morning time with Bella! Tell her I send my love...did she get my card??

Gayle from MI said...

Glad you made it safe and sound. You always seem to have internet issues when you arrive there. No wonder you can handle,it so well!