Sunday, September 20, 2015


I took a couple days off.  I was pretty boring and thought that might be the time to take a time out.  I went to the Modern Quilt Guild yesterday and found out that the one of the two founding members was having a quilt go to the Texas Quilt Museum along with mine!!!  We got a bit of a big head when we were told that only 18 quilts were chosen.  Does my head look a little bigger today?

Modern decided, well in advance, to make rope bowls to sell at our bazaar that is to be held at the same time as the 'Airing Of The Quilts' on February 7th.  There is a plan to make lots of stuff; placemats, coasters, phone bags, and lots of other pretty simple buy lovely things to add to our piggy bank which is used for charity and education.

Nicole was the only one at our table that was making a bowl.  I have done the rope thing before and it is not easy on arthritis.  I took a pass and instead did some meaningless strip sewing, connecting two 2 1/2 x 4 1/2 rectangles together.  Considering that I have several plastic bins that need to be sewn I thought it was a worthy job.  Unfortunately, I talked or flitted around and got very little done before our one o'clock meeting.   Oh well.

These are the fix in's for the bowls; pliable rope, fabric  and a glue stick.  Donna did a grand job of teaching the crowd how to do them.

People donated strips and the bowls started to appear.
You can make all shapes and sizes.  The trick to what the form is gonna be is the very first

length of the rope as you add it to the next roll.  Christine made this one at home.


It was made without any fabric twisted around the rope, but just the natural rope color that was then weighted down in a tub of rit dye.  I love the look.

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Robbie said...

Love that last bowl!! Very cool!