Thursday, September 24, 2015

Food Wonderful Food!

The last couple evenings I have gone out for dinner. First, with friends and the dogs at a neighborhood

bar/restaurant.  Bella and Cookie like an outing every now and then.  Then last night, with Traveling Forks, I joined the rest of the group at Yummy House, a Chinese restaurant that started out in Tampa and has moved to more locations.  They give you so much food, it's pretty ridiculous.   I mean, not exaggerating, four people could eat the food I ordered and have leftovers.

That's a good thing tho;  leftovers are wonderful.  I don't cook for myself, and G won't be here until the beginning of next week so I will now be a connoisseur of all things Asian.  The salt and pepper calamari is a clear favorite!

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Robbie said...

We have a Yummy House in Ocala...but we've not eaten there yet...maybe this year!!! Bella is adorable!!!