Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Highest Form Of Flattery!

Do you recall the song 'You've Had A Bad Day" by Daniel Powter that was all the rage when it was the song that was sung when one of the contestants was booted off American Idol? Well yesterday was my 'boot'. I went to the Periodontist yesterday on a recommendation from my new dentist. It was not at all what I wanted to hear. My crowns, all twenty or so, need to be replaced. It seems that the dentist that put them in, back in the day, shoved the too long crowns up under my gums and that is a no no. I originally had the crowns done because of a twenty year problem of grinding my teeth, thus having very short teeth. At the dentist, way back when, I was told to bring a picture of my smile before the years of grinding took over. He did, after several months that felt like years, had given me back my somewhat small lips, that had fallen into my caved in mouth. Now I have to pay for it, once again. I am no longer taking one 'professional's opinion without getting an unbiased second, or even third opinion. The cost is formidable but my time and stress level are what are bothering me the most. Everytime some doctor does anything invasive, liking putting a mirror in my mouth to probe, I need to take 2000mg of Amoxicillin and that just doesn't sit well with me. I started to cry in the chair; very embarrassing. Oh well.

Then I headed over to Games Day with red eyes and ran into a new BFF of mine, Mary Alice, and what do you know but she secretly was checking out my closet so that we could


be matchy matchy.  It made me feel way better!


Cedar Ridge Studio said...

I feel for you Tommy. I need about $15,000 worth of work just to start.
If someone wanted to do implants to get rid of the problem $50,000.
Seems outrageous. New crowns are $1350 per tooth.
The cost are out of control.
I guess we have a grin and bear it.

Margie said...

Sorry. I could write a book about my teeth and dentists. Nothing that expensive, however. My 46 yr old daughter is starting in braces for the second time in her life.

Gayle from MI said...

Yowza! I had to have all my crowns replaced for the samevreason. I am glad it was omly four. A
so had all my metal fillings replaced but over a number of years. Around here the same crown can cost $800-$1500 which I consider to be too big of a spread. Other opinian