Thursday, September 03, 2015

Oh My Man I Love Him So

The lake was like a glass of water yesterday around 5:30, all be it, an aqua glass of water.

It was as smooth as I have ever seen it; just some ripples around the beach as the water
hit the sand.

Later, G was walking Bella on the beach

as they do every day, sometimes morning and sometimes evening.  A man and his dog.  When that statement is made it is usually a man with a strapping german shepherd or a lab or a retriever;  usually not for a fifteen pound white ball of fluff.  That's my man, in touch with his feminine side.  Today is his 65th birthday.  He is as old as I am now.  Phew!!!

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Robbie said...

Happy, happy birthday to G! Hope he got my thank you card!! I forgot about a BD card!