Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Play Date

Bella had a play date yesterday.  Linda came over when I got home from the endodontist to finish up her quilt that was on the long arm.  She brought one of her dogs with her.  This is Desi, a javanese puppy.

Talk about a beautiful dog.  He is a curious and delightful pup.  The turquoise box by his neck is an alarm, in case he falls into the pool at his house.  There is no worry about doing that here; we opted for no pool.

I had this page laying on the counter in the studio when I brought up the fact that they have liners for crock pots so the clean up is almost nothing.  Linda laughed and said that crock pot liners are always on her grocery list.  How is it that I had no idea they existed.  Well, they will be on my grocery list from now on!!

I am going to play mahjong today.  First time since I left in May.  My friends kindly got a game together so I can refresh my skills before the mahjong 'season' gets going.  What a group I have here!


Mike said...

Desi is so cute. I have never heard of crockpot liners either. Are we getting lazy or what?

Claudia said...

Wait, what Crock Pot liner...need to get some before my beef and vegetable dinner on Sunday
Love Desi's eyes.