Sunday, September 13, 2015

Puttin' Back

Now that all the stuff I brought from the north is stowed away, it is now time to take care of some of the outside stuff that happens to be on the inside.

All the fake rattan stayed in the two lanai's but the other stuff, like this bar set, can mold if the
climate is right.  It has summered in the great room.

All the cushions and chair's that can't withstand the summer from G's man cave
lanai are in the man cave.  I thought about putting them right but then I thought
that G would have nothing to do when he joins me if I do everything; right?

Even with paying my house sitter to water the herbs in my spiffy
pot, they didn't make the cut.  I guess I will be visiting the nursery
sometime this week to replant for the season.

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