Monday, September 07, 2015

Random Pics

I have started to blog about five times this morning and got side tracked each time. I have chosen random photos of the weekend to share with you. There is no rhyme or reason for the decisions of what pictures I am posting. Actually I had Bella chose them. I asked her to put her paw on the one she liked. There.


This is the selfie stick that you can take pictures of yourself, although you look pretty damn
funny doing it.  In fact, Claudia, my SIL just walked over to me while I was starting this entry and handed me the selfie stick to take to Florida.  She said I am getting you one anyway so I will just get one  for myself.  I am thinking on how to use it on my trip to Florida.

Claudia also brought a bottle of wine in this bubble case that is what drugs are brought in to the hospital where she volunteers.   Multi tasking is a good thing, especially where wine is connected.

Bella got caught out on the deck in a little rain shower in the middle of a beautiful day.  It tapped down the top of her head to the point that she could barely see.

I have had these pic corn picks, front end and back end, and have never used them.  If I hadn't been in the drawer they were in when looking for something else, I would have never used them again.  They make the corn much more appetizing.

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Gayle from MI said...

Love the corn picks! Have a safe trip!