Friday, September 25, 2015

Round About

Well, I am more than a little put out that my 'PRIME' next day order which was ordered on the 15th is still not here. And there is no way that I could find in 45 minutes to contact Amazon to figure out what the hell is wrong. I cringe at the thought of trying to do something like that, knowing it is indeed fruitless. Now my only alternative is to reorder. Gurrrrh.


This newest work is based on something I did years ago and have had a repeat idea in my head for years.  I got re-inspired last week and just went for it.

I combined uneven strips with varying dimensions of black strips.

Then I proceeded to double the size of the finished piece by spending a day picking and choosing
circle colors and backgrounds.


Now I am at the stage where I have to do the starching and ironing down the seam allowances and sewing them onto their strips.  Hopefully, I will finish it up this weekend and deal with the outside perimeter, which I think will be the purple and lilac colors.


Mechelle said...

You should be able to email Amazon to find out where your package is, I've had a problem or two, and I was able to go into "my orders" under "your account" on the Amazon website and there should be a button "wheres my package" - very least you can track it from there to find out what the heck they did with it! good luck! :)

Robbie said...

Cool! I almost signed up for Amazon Prime today for the $67...but decided I'd just spend more $$...ha Hope you find your package!!