Sunday, September 27, 2015

Safe And Sound

It's supposed to rain and storm today so Bella took advantage of the lull and sat out on the porch. Bella barked at golfers and I played blackjack on my iPad. We were both happy. I have several projects in mid stage but I have to get the parts for a donation quilt straightened out so that I can work on it in the all day sew fest of my bee here, River Quilters.

When we went shopping the other day I found a perfect purse for me. I am always on the prowl for the perfect size and preferably a bucket with a sturdy bottom. I found this Brighton one that all I had to do


to make it mine was take all the bling, including an eight inch tassel and a silver heart. I have enough weight in the purse and don't care for heavy adornments. Now it's mine, thru and thru.


I also finally got one of the armor guard credit card cases so that someone can't zap through your purse and wallet and confiscate your credit card info.  Now I am all set for more shopping!

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Robbie said...

Like the purse! We've had beautiful fall weather here of late. Perfect for dog walking!!