Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Season Ending

My morning yesterday started very early in the hopes that I could harvest my last crop of basil before a lunch date with all my gal pals. That consisted of cutting off all the stems and plopping them in a basket. Then I sit down with my two biggest bowls, and a big garbage can and proceed to remove all the leaves. For this batch that ended up being 64 cups.


 I try to fill up both bowls and then take to the kitchen and with an eight cup measuring cup, add the basil leaves to the top. Then they go into room temp water to get cleaned. Then they are drained and dried on towels, with a little assistance from me when I go by and ruffle them to get the air on all sides of the leaves to dry faster. It's not accurate to measure the basil leaves after they are washed because they shrink up and the measure is not accurate. The pesto is made and in the freezer. That's it until next year!!!!


The newest way that I have been attaching facings to my quilts has completely left the brain.  I tried for several hours last night to get it right but I just drew a blank.  I looked on the blog for it but my key words didn't get it to come up.  Does anyone out there have the directions?

This is what it looks like finished and I did this in April.  The brain is a terrible thing to lose.


Cedar Ridge Studio said...

Strange how this happens I was binding a quilt and got to the end and had a brain freeze on how to finish the end. Hate this. Know how you feel. Have a great day.

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

IMHO the best instructions on adding a facing are those by Maria Elkins.
They are very close to what I do and mine are perfecto!

Robbie said...

In your own words..on your own actually showed us how to do this in 2013!