Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tops Up For Grabs

I opened up the blog not knowing that I forgot to blog yesterday. As you know, the mind is a terrible thing to waste. But, on occasion, it happens anyway.

I have to run to the quilt shop the minute it opens. Bella likes to tag along, being a mover and a shaker as she is, but it gets so hot here that if I don't do it at the crack, it doesn't get done.

This is as far as I got with this quilt top


because I auditioned the additional parts that I had in mind but
it just didn't look good.  It is gonna stay on my design wall until something
else comes to mind.

In the mean time I went to River Quilters yesterday for a good five hours
and got lots of gab in and a little piecing.  I started this quilt in the summer,
with the intention of donating it to a fund raiser.

As I started piecing it I realized that the ovals which should show up distinctly just
don't and instead of scratching the project, which I rarely ever do, I decided to frame each block, thus calling attention to the shape of each.  This is not an art quilt but needs to be for the masses so that's why I chose the framing.  That should happen today.

G joins us today.  Bella will go insane.  After all, she likes him way more than she likes me!


Mike said...

I love both quilts but I am a sucker for circles. I think the circle quilt is gorgeous. Actually, I can imagine it on a wall in my house.

SpikeMuffin said...

What's with the Kane girls and circles? Someone should look into this.