Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Where's The Tooth Fairy When You Need Her?

I am not looking forward to my appointment today. I have to go to an endodontic dentist today to have them drill through the length of one of the front lower front teeth to get to an infection that they think has been there since I had a root canal, probably 15 years ago. I guess the big deal about doing it now is that I am supposed to be infection free. I am gonna see if they can put me out. I am such a baby. Next week I visit a periodontist to check out the shitty gums I have due to the crowns that yet another dentist put on me several years ago. These professionals seem to open the path to each other for business. I certainly hope not.

Kathy and Linda got a lot of practice this past summer on my long arm. Actually Kathy had to discontinue due to her painful shoulder. Linda is still doing and spent part of yesterday with me,


doing the set up of this lovely batik quilt, practicing her design and finishing one complete roll of the machine. She will be coming back today to do some more. She is really getting good. Soon she will be way better than I ever was when I used the long arm for something other than charity quilts! Does that mean I would have been a good teacher? Nah, she just has sticktoitiveness that I never acquired.

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