Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Before And After; Twice!

I am over the moon with the Voice knockout challenges. Each singer is so excellent. I get goose bumps listening to them.

We had the screen guy come and fix a couple torn screens and to do a make over for the bottom of our two lanai screens so that we don't have a reoccurrence of the 5 foot snake visiting our bathroom.


This is the before look at the door bottom


and this is the after. Even though you can see light through the part where the pavers meet, he said it wasn't enough for the snake to bother with and anyway it would have to be a very small snake. 

Another comparison is the grouper cheeks I purchased while on the girls field trip that ended at the fish

This is a pound and a quarter that I salted, peppered, garlic powdered and then dredged in plain ole'


 Out came these little boomerangs of flavor.  It made so much we couldn't eat half of them.  They were right, they are a delicacy.  Yum.

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