Tuesday, October 13, 2015


I have completed the challenge quilt that I started in June. It was based on two crayons I picked out of a bucket. I chose pink and grey, and I never use pink so it was even more of a challenge for me. Together with my friend Pam, we decided on each of us piecing a top, larger than the finished project so we could have waste if needed.

This was my contribution.  It was around 40 wide and 20 high.

We both wanted to make them about the same size.


This was Pam's.

We decided to each keep 2/3 rds of our own
and get the other 1/3 from each other.

These were my two pieces that I hung on the door next to the tv so I could look and look and decide what to do with it.

This is what I ended up with.  There are 17 little quilts that I finished sewing together yesterday.

They are all hand quilted.  The finished size has to be under 100 inches when all four sides are added together.

I will have Pam turn in mine because they are due when I am not here.  By the way, Pam completed her's a couple weeks ago.   Now we can rest easy.

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Robbie said...

Love these colors! This turned out great!!! But then why wouldn't it! You are my idol! STILL!