Monday, October 05, 2015

Gimme A Little Pour

We had a great visit with Jayne and Rich. They are heading home today. I neglected to blog because we got up early to walk and maybe lift and then our day was upon us. We did lots of shopping, eating, seeing the sights but the funniest thing that happened was when we were heading to the beach for the sunset. We decided on Venice Beach rather than the closer Sarasota beach and as we got closer to Venice, the sky got darker and we thought we would first miss sunset and then we thought we may not even be able to see it due to clouds. Everything happened for the better. We amazingly found a parking place which was almost a miracle because there were hundreds of cars at the Fishing Pier. The sky opened up and rain just pored down. The pier was quickly emptied and we got a paddle to go into Sharkeys for some beach bread and a libation. They wanted to seat us inside with no view so we decided to check out next door, at a more upscale restaurant and sushi bar called Fins. We got immediate seating in an enclosed glass walled lounge. We


ordered and just had a blast watching the people in the wind and rain.  The
sudden pour stopped and people came back, heading back to the pier, the sandy beach
and the tables looking for a drink.  We watched employees squeegee down the tables and
dry the chairs and eventually all the chairs were filled with happy people.  Not
two minutes after they all settled  down,

the rain came down again.  Once again the scattering of people was comical.  Great
place to people watch.

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Robbie said...

Always a fun and interesting time with you!