Thursday, October 08, 2015

Making Time For The Blog

My mornings are turning out to not be blog friendly. To get everything done before the heat and humidity hit, we have to be up and out of the house pretty much when we get up, except for the obligatory cup of coffee to go. After I get back from the gym and shower, the blog is completely out of my mind. I am then in either social commitments or quilting. I have to learn how to handle the time frame.

We have a tight schedule today. Bella gets a bath, G waits AGAIN for Brighthouse, our security, internet, and everything else to do something and I have to meet up with the Mahjong group for lunch and then an afternoon of playing. Life is tough here in Sunny Florida.

Yesterday Linda came over and put a quilt on the long arm and practiced some new sewing patterns on the erase board until she mastered the design. I pretty much gabbed the whole time but did manage to
get the backing and batting for my circle quilt


picked out and pinned down. I now have to figure how in the hell to quilt it. It doesn't seem to go with my normal quilting style but then that's the way I quilt. Not being able to free motion takes a lot of options off the board. I'll figure it out.


Mike said...

I love the circle quilt.

Gayle from MI said...

That quilt is great!