Thursday, October 22, 2015

My Back Yard

I am no longer gonna stress about the internet not opening or the blog or scrabble.  It is almost daily and I frankly have other things to raise my blood pressure with out it having to do with the computer.

Our newest pastime to watching for Allie.  She is very social; showing up whenever a group of turtles or birds decide to gather.  Yesterday I watched five turtles on the shore and then I looked again and in the water was Allie

She is almost mid way in this photo, still in the water.  I was rather shocked when she


crawled up on the grass (my back yard) and had her nose pointing to two turtles (for some reason one of them are the bright spot and the other is just past the bright spot.  She never bothered anyone tho' but just did some sunbathing.  She is quite little so she probably is a youngster.  I would guess that she isn't any longer than 4 feet, from nose to the end of her tail.  She's fun to watch tho.

I have my second day of 9 hole today and then another periodontist appointment.  That should eat up the bulk of my day.

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Robbie said...

I think you have more problems with Internet service than anyone I know! What's up with that?