Monday, October 19, 2015

Pillow Solutions

Last year I made three pillows for the three desk chairs that are in locations in the studio that I use. Every time I leave the chair, if just for a second, the pillow falls onto the floor. It just became routine to me. That is, until yesterday when my day was so up and down that the pillow was making me crazy! I looked at the chair and the pillow and after heavy 10 second thought decided on a cure for the pillow falling.

This is what I wanted to see when I get up and then return to the chair.


The solution was to sew the pillow back onto the chair back.  I got a big needle and some yarn and went through the back of the chair in and out of the pillow fabric and back out of the back of the chair.  It was then tied and knotted.  Voila!


Synthia said...

You are SO clever!!

Robbie said...

Keep telling are my idol! Who would have 'thunk'!