Sunday, October 11, 2015

Quilting Stuff

It's all about sewing and quilting today. I am attempting to finish up a challenge quilt I am doing with a friend that encompasses three different guilds that is based on two crayon colors that I picked out of a basket several months ago. If I planned my day right, I can get it done. It isn't due until December but I won't be here then and anyway, I just like to get things done and off my mind.

We have a get together tonight that I need to make cole slaw and roasted potato salad for. It is to meet the other cast members and go over the script of a murder mystery dinner we are involved in next month. I have had the script for a month and have as yet to read through it. Both G and I are in it. It
should be fun.


I was busying myself with straightening up the studio and came across the remnants of the last quilt top I made and decided to go and retrieve the bundle in the garage containing the quilt top, batting and backing and add some of the leftover fabrics onto the backing.  I had even more than this but I was bored with it so I quit while I was ahead.

While I was doing that Linda was starting on the quilting of a Valor quilt she put together for one of our soldiers.

If you look real close you can see that she chose loops and stars for the quilting design.  It's halfway done.


Check out this quilting on this gorgeous quilt done by Judi Madsen of Green Fairy Quilts.  It is probably the best quilting I have ever seen.  She does it on an A-1 long arm.  Wow.

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Robbie said...

Love Judi's quilt and her quilting!!! WOW is right!