Saturday, October 24, 2015

Sew Day

I finally realized what is wrong with me and my internet. It is so damn slow that the allotted time I am willing to spend for things to open up is not my internet speed. It is brutally slow. I am not giving the blog an hour of my time. Today I opened it up before I went for my walk and that is why I am typing in it now.

I have to leave in twenty minutes for a Modern sew day for our February boutique.

 Yesterday, after the Friday morning stitch and bitch, four gals went to visit Anna Maria Island, which I have never gone to and had a delightful lunch and cruise around the island. The girls then came back to my house for wine and alligator spotting in the back yard. We saw at least three different alligators at the same time, two of which had a bit of a scrap. It was fun.

A couple other things I need to comment on.


Forget the face; it's a terrible selfie but I don't have the time to retake it.  I cut my hair after at least a couple years of a pony tail.  I figured it grows so I can always go back to laziness.

Also, we had all our trees trimmed and cut away from the roof and were surprised by a five foot visitor.    We were more than a little scared and called an animal specialist to remove the, what we later found out, red rat snake.  It was the best $250 bucks we ever spent.  We realize now that we need to close the gap in our two lanai doors that have a good inch at the bottom.  It'll be done.  Temporarily we have it secure by shoving towels into the gap.  It's our own fault, because we try and keep the windows and doors opened when it is weather acceptable.

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Robbie said...

OMG!!! My friend in Florida was cleaning her spare bedroom and noticed a snake in the room! She ran out, closed the door and stuffed towels under the door until her hubby came home! OMG (again!)...
FYI...when taking a selfie, hold your camera above your head as if you are looking down at yourself. A friend told me that! She said it helps so that a double chin doesn't show. I don't see a double chin on you!!! So maybe you don't need to hold it above!! HA
check out my post this week on our little Gigi!!