Friday, October 02, 2015

Slow Poke

We have guests with us. It's Jayne and Rich and they have flown in from Illinois. The guys are golfing and I talked Jayne into going across the street to Kathy's Stitch and Bitch. Jayne fit in like she was always here. We got to talking about the animal life and we decided to go next door to Janies' to see her

tortoise that has moved into the underside of her lanai.


 I actually couldn't see him and anyway Bella was with us and I didn't want a turtle to attack her so I didn't move in too close. He is at least 14" wide and just fits into his 'hole'. His name is Turdy.


Unknown said...

My daughter has several tortoises and is considered an expert. She has a dog and chickens in her backyard
Her tortoises have never attached anything I have seen.they even had babies

Robbie said...

Hmmmmmmmm You do have interesting friends! or friends with pets!