Saturday, October 10, 2015

Widlife, AGAIN!

As usual, we had a neighborhood stitch and bitch session yesterday. It's nice to discuss what we had done in the past week and hear the crazy stories. I take hand work but rarely get anything accomplished. That's alright by me.

 Again, I will have to bore you with the critters around our house. If you wanted a trio of sandhill
cranes up close and personal, it won't happen.


 That is, until you are out doing yard work (G, not me) and they are in your way. They were squawking very loudly and kinda a little bit scaring G. I was in the lanai with my trusty camera so I was
safely behind screening.


I think they wanted to help lay out the new river rocks.  They stayed for probably 20 minutes and left only when G went into the house to retrieve more rocks from the garage.  They are very tall and very noisy.

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