Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Wild Kingdom

I am sitting here waiting for the sunscreen to kick in, even tho' it's almost dark outside.  It seems I can't get away from wildlife.  Everywhere we look it's as if Marlin Perkins is around the corner trying to teach us a lesson.
Yet, I am a willing and able student. Lately, early in the morning and approaching dusk, the birds gather.

It isn't just this amount; they are all the way down the waters edge in many of these man made lakes.  G suggested that it's when the bugs come out but I'm not buying that.  I do want to find out why tho.


And even when you want to open your garage door there could be something right there on the numbers, just waiting for you.  I disrupted his nap when I flipped the cover off so this little tree frog moved away a bit.  He's smaller than a quarter but he has all the right body parts, including those pads on his fingers.

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Robbie said...

I love all the wildlife! Two years ago we had two frogs in the house...both in the bedroom @ 11 p.m.!! One stuck on the wall so he was easy to slid onto a piece of cardboard and cover...the other one was a sneaky little fellow!! Still remember the sound of the frog hitting the wall...well, not hitting it...throwing his body to stick to it!