Friday, October 09, 2015


This place where I live, much more so than when I lived on an island in the Gulf, has more interesting wildlife, which I find a little surprising. We were coming back from playing Mahjong and in the pouring rain spotted tons of birds at the shore of a small body of water (pond?).


The photos aren't very good.  They were taken in the rain with a mobile but you can see that they are spoonbill's.


Okay, so this photo, compliments of Google images is better, and pinker.


Up next was a grouping of wood storks, just yards apart from the spoonbills but not near as camera shy.

Again, Google does it better.  There will be a quiz on these wildlife so pay attention.


This is an alligator Bella and I spotted while on our morning walk.

In my minds eye I thought it looked like this!!!!

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