Saturday, November 21, 2015

Great Friends!

Last night was my going away cocktail I had for myself. Most of my friends are now full timers in Florida so I want them to miss me. It was a grand time and today is clean up and packing to go home.

 Here is some of the good eats!


This is gazpacho in expresso cups.  There is a bowl of sour cream in the center if the need arises.


These are ham and cheese balls rolled in finely chopped peanuts.

My one non home made addition was the chili guiles I got from our favorite Mexican restaurant.

My version of chicken wings I stole from Sharon Jensen thirty years ago.  They are always a hit.


Bruschetta is always popular.  It's kinda like  you are eating healthy!.

Bacon cheesecake was a first time recipe.  I will do it again.


My brie puffs aren't the most attractive item but they sure are good.

Chicken satay with peanut sauce was a BIG hit with the guys.  It's on a bed of rice,
just for show.

I have had this recipe of Regina's for years and finally made them.  It is hawaiian bread with peach preserves, roasted chopped walnuts, mayo/ mustard mix and havarti cheese and roast beef.   They were a little messy but great tasting.  I am gonna figure how to fine tune the recipe to make it prettier.

I neglected to take pictures of the blue cheese tarts, the crab rangoons,  the puff pastry pillows and the tiny pecan pies.  I had to do a bit of socializing!!!!


Gayle from MI said...

Safe travels!

Robbie said...

Just like a feast from 'Martha'!!! Yes, safe travels! Enjoy the holiday next week!!!