Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Just A Little Challenge

Last spring four of us (quilters) decided on doing a challenge called 'Crazy Quilt- Make It Your Own'.  There were no restrictions other than the size which was to be 25'square.  We were gonna have the reveal in September when I returned to Florida.  The other three gals are year round Florida lovers.  Well, as luck would have it, one of us, Kathy, had major surgery on her shoulder rotator cuff and bicep, and with only the piecing completed, could not quilt her top.  Therefore, when we had the reveal (right before the screening of Downton Abbey on Monday), we saw Kathy's pieced top but I will not show it until it is quilted.

This is adorable.  A kite always makes me smile.  It is my cup of tea!!  This one is by Lynn and it's
called 'Go Fly A Kite'.


Linda named hers something with Tommy in the title but I can't remember the rest.  It's her first modern quilt and is made up of lots of denim of her son's that she saved.  Very clever and cool.

This is mine, entitled, 'Ace Is The Place" because all my adornments came from the hardware store.  There are washers, chains, screws, big staples, regular staples and springs.  It was very fun to do.  The white is in reality white, but this photo makes it look blue/gray.


Susan Turney said...

How fun! Love each one.

Robbie said...

What fun...nice seeing your "ACE" piece in person!! Looks really good in the pic!