Monday, November 02, 2015

Photo Finish

Today I have a five hour scaling of my teeth appointment. Thankfully I am going to be in twilight. I would rather have it all done at the same time instead of dragging it out over four treatments, full of multiple shots to the roof of my mouth. That is something I hate. I feel like the later part of the day will be pretty useless. Oh well.

I have enough time to show you a couple show stopper quilts. This first one is called 'Any Woman,


Every Woman' and it is done by Deborah Langsam. It is machine pieced and made up of photo
transfers of women's heads.


These pics are very small.  If I had to guess the size of the quilt I would say 18" x 36".

This quilt was hung right next to the face.  It is called 'Shoe Envy"

and it too is pretty much made from photos of shoes.  This quilt is much smaller
that it's neighbor.  Both were done by the same  quilter.

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Robbie said...

I would loved to have seen these quilts in person! Thanks for sharing!! Hope you're feeling ok after your 'twilight sleep'!