Friday, November 27, 2015

Pie In The Sky

I went to my sister in laws house for the Thanksgiving feast and before the car door slammed behind me I was waxing eloquently about my beautiful pie.


I am not kidding; it was beautiful!  It came from the November issue of Food Network Magazine.  The name of the pie is Apple Berry Twist Pie.  I made the pie crust and when I was ready to assemble the pie is was well into the afternoon and because I was cooking all day, I wanted to be done with the standing up and wanted wine and a sit down.  That wasn't gonna happen.  I thought as I made the dough that it was on the dry side but when I took it out of the refrigerator, it was unroll able.  The dough recipe missed the boat.  So, for the fourth time that day, I headed off to the store.  I got myself Pillsbury pie crusts and used that instead of the made from scratch stuff.  I worked like a charm.


The top crust is cut just as you do it for a lattice top only instead of doing the basket weave technique, you just twills the lengths of dough and, starting in the center, spiral the dough


hooking one end to the next strip.  When the crust is done you egg wash the top and put a sprinkle of
that Sugar In The Raw turbinado crystalized brown sugar.  It gives the pie a glistening affect.  And,
it was wonderfully tasty.

I also made 48 mini cupcakes, Chicken Pesto Pasta (these two are always a must to bring) and creamed spinach that was made from boursin cheese.   Another yum!

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Robbie said...

For the FIRST time in my life (honest!) I bought/used Pillsbury pie crusts! I always, always make my own crust but the pie you made us this fall was delicious so I gave it a try! we'll see if hubby or kids notice a difference. Love this does look so professional!! But then you are, aren't you! :)