Saturday, November 28, 2015

Pillsbury Debacle

My sis and I went out yesterday. Yes, we went out on Black Friday. I just wanted to see what it was like as I have never ventured out on that day in the past. I wanted something from JoAnn's. But first, we went to the dollar store. We happened to see Pillsbury frosting in a smaller container than the regular stores had. The expiration date was several years in the future (that is creepy in itself). But, we bought it anyway. Into the car it went, along with Christmas bags I use for the local yearly pillows I distribute.  I got some other stuff too.   We then went to lunch, leaving Bella and Chai in the car. After lunch we went the half block to JoAnn's. It wasn't even as crowded as it normally is. We were in and out in no time. Well, maybe an hour. Travelling home, Bella was on my lap and Mike said "do you see Chai?" and upon coming up to an intersection with a green light to turn right, I looked in the back seat and FROZE. Literally. There was Chai doing something. I had to pull over and realized that she was eating frosting out of the plastic container.


Take a look at this devastation!  It must have taken her an hour to permeate the top cover and

break through the foil, eliminating any other obstacle from separating  Chai from chocolate frosting.


We figured that she ate about 5 tablespoons of frosting.  It was easily a fourth of the can. She never got sick and still ate her dinner last night and you would never know that she seriously poisoned herself.   She has a stomach made of iron.  Just like her mom.  And my sweet Bella was as innocent as the summer rain.  I really should be a poet.

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Robbie said...

Wow! You girls got lucky! Dogs can get really sick from chocolate! Wonder if Bella got to share with her! ha