Thursday, November 12, 2015

Play Day! Yikes!

A couple things happened today. One is I got my hair cut once again. After having the cut for a couple weeks I decided it was a little lumpy and thick in places. I went to by new guy, Teig, and he cut it again. I haven't done anything to it and won't until tomorrow when I go out into the public!

The second thing is that I finished one of the two quilt tops I am doing for my tv room off the studio. I have this one done


and my goal is to have both of them done so I can long arm them when I go back up north in another ten days.


Here's a closeup of the fabric.  The other quilt is identical and has the strips done but the time consuming part is sewing and ironing them one by one before joining them together with a 3/4" strip between them.

So, in ten days I have remaining, I plan to quilt the circle quilt, starting tomorrow (a little, because I have 9hole golf and the murder mystery dinner play), finish the other red, white and black quilt top and have fun while doing it.


Maggie (daughter) said...

Break a leg!

Robbie said...

So looking forward to hearing and hope to see pics on the play!! Good luck!