Sunday, November 08, 2015

Sunday At The Show

I am just about to go out for my morning ritual.  It looks to be a pretty good day, with a topper in temp of only 85º, which is way better that the ninety plus we have had lately.  I have two more weeks here before I head north for the holidays.  And all those days are pretty packed with adventures.  And time starts now!

This quilt was done by a guy!  Peter Hayward is his name and

the name of the quilt is 'White Holes".

There is very little white in the quilt so I am a little confused about the name.
It is interwoven strips of interlining, covered with fused pieces of fabric and
hand and machine quilted. It's quite the optical illusion.


I was completely blown away by this quilt and assumed it was painted but
there is nothing written down referring to that.  It was done by Melissa Sobotka
and is titled 'End of the Spin".

The technique was down as raw edge appliqué fused and long arm
quilted.  I know there is some painting and or digital work involved too.

'Form and Flux' was done by Lucia Chan.  It was hand appliquéd,
machine pieced, hand embroidered, hand and machine quilted and
some of the fabric was painted.

'Tulip in Swing Style' was done by Keiko Morita.  I found this quilt
amazing because of the detail that from a distance, you barely notice.


Can you look at this and be able to tell about the detail I am referring to?

And here?  It was both hand and machine appliquéd, and machine
pieced and quilted.  Okay, you give up?  The blackwork in the white
spaces.  I wanna do this.

Nariko Kawashima did this quilt called 'My Family'.   It
was machine pieced and hand quilted.

All the members of her family are in the quilt.

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Gayle from MI said...

Shhot. Don't you have a stitch regaulated Bernina down there? That's half the learning curve chopped off right there!