Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Plan

The play was a huge success!  It was hysterical!!  Everyone had tons of fun.  I was waiting yesterday to get some photos so I could blog it but they never came so here I am.  Everyone was in costume.  The tables were decorated with vinyl records and all sorts of 50's stuff.  Even the food was good!

I have decided to once again have a going away cocktail party.  It's so like me to put something else on my mind.  The menu is rambling around in my head.  We will be leaving for home (or rather, our other home) a week from tomorrow.

The bucket list of things to finish before I leave it being pared down.  For some reason I found the latest art quilt I have done was not getting quilted because it was a bit daunting to think about how to quilt it.  So, I said to myself, just go for it, like I do everything else.  And so I did.

I started on Thursday afternoon, waiting for show time (the play) and got a start on it.  I continued to
work on it after Friday morning Stitch and Bitch.  My goal is to get it done before couples golf tomorrow (yes, I said it, couples golf).  And adding to that is a complete menu for next Friday's cocktail party for everyone to say goodbye for the holidays!


Cedar Ridge Studio said...

I am liking the new quilt. Nice colors and great quilting.
Mary Ann

Robbie said...

Lookin good! Hope we get to see the costumes from the play...and hear all about the 'couples golf'! Kudo's to 'G' hubby would NEVER do that...he hates it when they have tournaments in Florida and he gets "stuck" with a woman...have I mentioned he's a chauvinist?

Gayle from MI said...

Love how you are quilting that!