Monday, November 09, 2015

The Start Of Another Week

I did an unbelievable thing this morning.  Bella and I came back from our power walk and rested for a minute in my unmade bed and fell asleep for an hour!!!!  And I didn't even feel bad or guilty for doing it!

I signed up with some gals for a trolley tour of historical Sarasota this afternoon.  It should be great fun.

Because I have so many wonderful quilts to show you, I have been negligent at taking pictures.  A bunch of us went to a great modern restaurant last night and many things about it were blog friendly yet I didn't have a camera or phone with me.  I will take a camera today tho'.

Tomorrow is dress rehearsal for our Murder Mystery play on Thursday night.  The rehearsal is early in the morning and there is no stopping it to ask a question.  This is a first for me.  Cocktails are definitely in the script for Thursday!

And back to the show!

I absolutely love the simplicity of this quilt.  It is called 'Ghosts' and it was made by Ruth Montalvo.  It is completely machine pieced (no appliqué!) and quilted on a 50 year old Singer.

'Eager to Learn - Afghanistan'  was raw edged applique, free motion longarm quilted
and thread painting.  It was done by Gillian Shearer.

I foolishly neglected to photograph the write up of this quilt so I can leave you with nothing
but my love for it and I am assuming that is is a painted whole cloth because I can't imagine anyone
piecing it.

'Staccato IV' was done by Hope Wolmarth.  "Stacked Writing' is a phrase written without regard
to spacing.  The fabric is turned 90º, and the phrase is written over the previous writing.  It was machine quilted.

Yukiko Maruhama did this delightful quilt, comically titled 'Like Cinderella'.
It was hand pieced, hand appliquéd

and hand quilted.  It's like going to DSW!

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Gayle from MI said...

Ruth is a member of my art group in Canton. She does a phenomenal job of both piecing and machine quilting. Does a heart good to see young people carrying on the tradition of quilting no matter what kind it is!