Sunday, November 01, 2015

Victoria Wolfe

Little did I know at the time but some of my favorite quilts at the festival were made by the same quilter.  Her name is Victoria Findlay Wolfe from New York, New York.  Here are three quilts that I particularly liked.

This was called 'Color Play".  It was machine pieced and quilted.

I loved the fact that it went from brights to various shades or coral and pink.  I'm not crazy about the border scallop; it's a bit old fashioned.

Next up is "Cloudy Day"

Again, I am not sure about the border.  I am crazy about the circles and the quilting around

them; there is a lot of detail on this quilt.

The colors are very subtle and the quilting is very diverse.  It was both hand appliquéd, machine appliquéd, pieced and quilted.

Finally we have 'Green Trees, Clouds & Walt Whitman', which was all done on a machine.

Beautiful quilting.

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Robbie said...

Glad you posted closeups...have to say my favorite is Cloudy Day...the full pic is nice but seeing the detail is amazing.