Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A Breakfast Treat

If you are at the edge of your seat, waiting for the prognosis of the two turtle cakes I made yesterday morning, it's not good news.  They were both duds.  I scraped them and made two root beer cakes (recipe from Food Network Magazine) that seem to be just fine.  They are wrapped and ready for travel tomorrow afternoon.

I got up this morning and decided to make this mini danish recipe I saw on the internet (or maybe someone sent it to me, I can't remember) and I have had the ingredients for a week and decided that now was the time to make them. Gordon could take all forty of them to work. I'll show you how to make them.

 But first, check out this container of eggs I spied yesterday while at my local grocery.


I'm loving the name but am more than a little surprised that  it showed up in the store.  I certainly don't take offense but would someone?  Possibly an old person.  Wait! Stop!  That would be me and I think it very pleasing and full of humor.  What say you?

Back to the fake danishes.

Open a package of crescent rolls and do not unroll them but rather cut in half and then cut five rolls out of each half.


Using a measuring cup with a dab of flour, smash down the crescent roll and put on a parchment lined sheet pan.

Top with a dollop of softened cream cheese, vanilla and sugar, all mixed together.  Top that with a cherry or in my case, not being a lover of cherries, I used strawberry pie filling.  Bake for 16 -18 minutes at 350º.

Mix confectioners sugar with a drop of milk and with a spoon, drizzle it on the cooked confections.

Now I have to go and clean the kitchen!


sophie said...

They look pretty ... how did they taste?

SpikeMuffin said...

Excellent writing Tom.