Wednesday, December 09, 2015

A Little Of This

My gal pal Peggy sent this to me.  She is abundantly aware of my love of wine.  It's
my new mantra.  It's gonna get me psyched to be on DWTS.  Do you think I have a chance?

This is a very odd fish, which I bought over twenty years ago at an art fair in the Rhinelander area of Wisconsin.  It has moveable eyes in a ceramic head on top

of a fabric body.  It hangs on some fishing line stuff in a bathroom on the lower level of the house which I don't visit often.

I was made aware that the fish was more than a bit dusty and so I took it down and gave it a thorough cleaning.  She looks like new.

While meeting up with a bunch of friends last week, we visited the office of one of the offspring.  It was a new, funky work space that had both regular seating office space shared with an optional stand up desk in each person's work area.  The place was spacious and the view of Chicago was spectacular. They have a lunch room that is open 24 hours a day.  There are pantries of all sorts of snack food, fruits, vegetables and beverages available for no cost.  Lunch is catered in each and every day at no cost.

This was on the wall.  Very cute.  They have all sorts of things that would make you want to stay here.

This room is very zen and it is a nap room for anyone who wants to get some shut eye.  There is an occupied/ unoccupied sign on the door.  Across the hall is a room just for nursing mothers.  It's a far
cry from the last job I was almost gonna acccept that involved taking turns cleaning the restroom.  Needless to say, I didn't take the job; I don't even clean my own.  This and other new upstart companies what to keep their employees productive and at work.  They've come a long way baby.


Robbie said...

that company could ALMOST make me want to go back to work...key word here being 'ALMOST'!
p.s. Did I miss that fish in the downstairs bathroom?????

Gayle from MI said...

I recognized it but I never noticed it was dusty. But I tend not to notice such things. Probably thought it was texture!