Thursday, December 17, 2015

All Packed Up

We had a fab night on the town for our anniversary. G even opted for a duck confit appetizer and I am the duck lover! There was even hand holding involved (not us, but we saw someone do it), and that's good enough for us! Of course, as per usual, we ordered more food than a normal human being can eat at one sitting and so we have leftovers for a week.

It is actually almost winter like here today. It is 36ยบ and it hasn't been that cold since I got back north. It's not supposed to last tho', and will be back in the fifties for Christmas. I din't mind a snowless Christmas. Santa will have to figure out some way to get here with out the hassle of an antiquated sleigh!!!

I have finished my to-go kit (with knitting and People magazine catching up)and am ready for hand work for the car for the trip to Florida in 10 days.


G got me two cans of Pringles for me to make rings for the collapsible thread catchers.    The Pringles themselves are to go to the aquarium tomorrow when we take the grand daughters to see the Amphibian special attraction.

I managed to cut 34 rings out of the two cardboard containers.  It was no small feat, I can say for a fact. I used one of those cutters that have notched blades that you chip off the top one when it no longer is sharp enough to do the job.  It went into the plastic container with all the other parts for 34 catchers that need nothing more to put them together that a needle and thread, a couple pins and scissors.

Joining them in the same container are the 45 little needle and pin books that

that only have to be turned inside out and slip stitched.  I saved that for the car.

I am done Christmas shopping and other than a mammogram today, I am free to continue to cook
and mess up the kitchen for someone else to clean up.  Life is good.


Robbie said...

Those thread catchers are so easy to make and I love using mine! Think I'll work on my hexies while driving...I don't do much as I get 'sea sick'...wait, that's car sick isn't it! and it will be exciting traveling with two dogs vs one dog and a bird! The bird was easy! HA We leave on the 27th...might see you on the highway!

Cedar Ridge Studio said...

Happy Anniversary. Have a great holiday and a Blessed New Year.

Gayle from MI said...

Happy anniversary! I sure wish I didn'tmhave motion sickness. Looks like you are well prepared for the long trip back. Safe travels my friend!