Saturday, December 12, 2015

Collapsible Thread Catcher

My BFF Robbie showed me this collapsible thread catcher while she was visiting this past summer. I have wanted to make it and decided that there was no time like now to do it. Here's the tut for it.


First off you need a Pringles can (yes, you can eat the chips!)  and you need to cut a round of the can about 1/2" high.  Then you will need to reinforce it so you measure the interior circumference  and using another plastic (I used the mylar plastic that I  use to make patterns) the same size, add it to the inside of the can circle and tape it into place.

Next trace two interior sized circles onto cardboard and cut out.  An empty cereal box is good
for cardboard.

After measuring the circumference, add 1/2" and cut out the length of fabric by 8".

Cut out two batting circles the same size as the cardboard circles and cut two circles out of your fabric with enough extra to have a running stitch gathered.

On the longer side (not the 8" side) iron down a seam allowance of 1/4" on top and bottom.

With right sides touching, fold the eight inch side so that the edges touch and sew 1/4" seam.  This is the only time you use your sewing machine!!

Iron the seam open.


Do a running stitch around the perimeter of the fabric circle  Place the batting in the center

followed by the cardboard.  Pull the stitching to fit and knot

off the ends of thread.  Now we are going to place these discs together, with gathering

sides touching.

These can then be whip stitched together.

Take your ring and slip the body fabric into it, landing in the center.


Temporarily ten the two ends together so that the ring goes to the very bottom (which ends up being the top eventually).

Make sure the ring is snug up to the folded fabric.  Pin if necessary to stay in place while

you stitch right under the ring to stay in place.


When that is completed, pull the inside fabric up through the ring.  Using pins,


secure the two discs you sewed together to the opening of the fabric you just pulled up.  It will have some small gaps which you can kinda gather as you sew them together to take up the slack.

I stuck my pins into the padding so I wouldn't get scratched up with the pins  while whip stitching these two together.


When completed push the padded disc back down the  fabric to the other end.  Once again, sew the other fabric to the other side of the bottom disc.

Here it is completed.  It has great structure.  to collapse it, twist the top one way and the bottom the other way and stuff it


into the ring.  This side is where you pushed toe bottom down to the ring.


This is the other side.  Cute huh?

If you prefer YouTube directions, which I don't, you can catch the making of the collapsible thread catcher here

My job is done.  Oh, and the quilters are here!


Robbie said...

Couldn't have said it better myself! Cute!

Quilter Beth said...

I am the "Quilter Beth" of the blog you gave the link to at the end of your post. It is hard to write understandable directions to make these thread catchers. The video really helped me visualize the process. I have "taught" many of my friends to make these. They are fun to make and very functional. Thanks for referring people to my blog. (Your directions and process photos are really good.)